Welcome to the Our Lady of Mount Carmel website and thank you for visiting us.  We are a faith-based community focused on bringing the Gospel of Christ to life in our homes, community, and the world.  As a Christian community, we are called to worship God, to study and to live the teachings of the Gospels and to serve our fellow man as Jesus has commanded us.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel is a small family-oriented parish which allows our parishioners to form lasting friendships.  We celebrate with each other in times of joy, support each other in times of need, and comfort each other in times of sorrow.  Through the efforts of our Knights of Columbus, St. Vincent de Paul, and Parish Food Pantry, we extend our care to the surrounding community.  We welcome you and invite you to worship with us!

Fr. Gribble

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of our beloved Fr. G. Michael Gribble (Fr. Mike).  He was our Retired Associate Priest for many years and will be missed by all who knew him.

Father Gribble's body will be received at St. Francis de Sales Church, 40 Granville Street, Newark, 5 P.M., Monday August, 8, 2022. Calling hours will follow and conclude with a Rosary at 7:30 P.M. Calling hours will resume at the Church on Tuesday, August 9, 2022, beginning at 2 P.M. and continuing until just prior to the Mass of Christian Burial at 5 P.M.

Read the full obituary here.

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OLMC's food pantry is open for food distribution to those in need on Wednesday's from 1:00-2:30pm.  The food pantry is located inside the church hall; please enter through the side doors.  

Donations for the food pantry may be made during distribution hours, after any of our regular masses, or at the parish offices during normal working hours.

Your generosity enables us to feed hungry families in Buckeye Lake.  Thank you!!




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COVID-19 Guidance Update


The Diocese of Columbus, on February 28, 2022, issued updates regarding COVID-19 Guidelines.  Influenced with the good news of the recent drops in COVID-19 case reports in Ohio, current data indicates that the rates of infection of the COVID-19 virus are rapidly decreasing in our diocese and are anticipated to continue to fall.  As a result, local health authorities and the CDC are easing operational restrictions for public buildings.  Based on this review of current public health information, the following revised guidelines are offered to pastors regarding churches and Mass attendance and our practices:


Signs may be removed from the church regarding the request to wear masks.

Our Parishes:  the signs now “request” masks be worn while inside the buildings.  Masks will continue to be available at the doors along with hand sanitizers.


Those who feel safer continuing to wear masks are welcome to do so and will be respected.

Our Parishes:  There will be no comments/issues made for anyone wearing or not wearing masks.


While not mandatory, do consider continuing the practice of Clergy and Extraordinary Ministers of Communion wearing masks during distribution of Holy Communion.

Our Parishes:  Those distributing Holy Communion are to continue wearing a mask when they exercise this ministry.


Distribution of the Precious Blood to the congregation remains prohibited until further notice.

Our Parishes:  We will continue to refrain from Distribution of the Precious Blood until further notice.


Parishioners who are ill, have significant health risk factors, are caregivers for someone who is immuno-compromised or at high risk of contracting COVID-19, or those who have significant fear or anxiety about contracting COVID-19 in large group settings, continue to be dispensed from the obligation to attend Mass.

Fr. Bill's comment:  If you are well enough to go to other secular functions, restaurants, stores, etc. masked or not, be aware those settings have as much or more potential to spread illness than attendance at Mass.  Basically, if you are comfortable enough to go out to eat, you can attend Mass.


Remember that this situation continues to be dynamic and changes frequently.  Stay connected to information coming from medical and other experts.  Stay home and get tested for COVID-19 when experiencing COVID-like symptoms or if you have had exposure to someone with COVID-19.  Following these recommendations will go a long way in helping to keep our parishioners safe.